This moment, right now, will never happen again. Change is constantly in motion and tomorrow your children will be a little older than they are today. It is important to have tangible memories for them to know where they came from so that they can understand who they are.


Sessions are about an hour in length and can take place in your home or on-location at a local park. My job is to capture your life as it organically unfolds. What do your kids like to do? Blow bubbles, have you push them on the swing, play with their cars and trucks, sing songs, read books, make silly faces, make a mess with paint, play dress up, show off their dance moves? I like to get creative and capture the true essence of children as naturally as possible.

Packages start at $500 and include digital files. Prints can also be purchased.



Your wedding day is one of the most important moments in your life. It is the day you commit yourself to another person and begin a life with them. This day goes by in a flash and the only evidence that it took place are the gorgeous photos that will be around to be admired by generations to come. The moment a groom sees his bride for the first time, the flower girl admiring the beautiful dress, a mother's proud gaze as she dances with her son, a father squeezing his daughter tight - holding back the tears - as he gives her away, family and friends drying their eyes as you exchange your vows, your friends and grandparents gettin' down on the dance floor . These are the moments you might miss but always want to remember. 

With packages starting at $2,200 and can be customized to fit within your budget, your wedding photography will be an affordable and timeless documentary of the day as it unfolds, leaving behind non of the details you put so much time into getting just right.